Support Your Community Library

As a private, nonprofit corporation (under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code), the Lancaster Community Library receives only one-third of its support from local and state governments. The rest must come from private sources. By making a contribution at any level, you become a Member and join others in supporting your community library. Members enjoy voting rights, receive newsletters and the annual report, and have the satisfaction of knowing that they are contributing to the long-term vitality of this important community resource. 

Of course, contributions of any amount are welcome. You can contribute by cash or check, or make payment with your credit card. You can even pay online. Simply click the DONATE button below and follow the steps to charge your contribution.


There are other ways to contribute as well:


Annual Fund
Each year the Library solicits the community to assist in funding its operations. By making a contribution, you become a Member with privileges described above.

A Legacy Gift
The Legacy Program is the Library’s permanent endowment, designed to sustain ongoing operations as well as provide the financial footing to move ahead confidently with improved services and programs, adequate staff, equipment upgrading, and future expansion if needed.

Contributions to the Legacy Program may take the form of an outright gift, a retirement plan gift, a bequest in one’s will, or one of the many options available under a planned giving arrangement. For more information about the Legacy Program, please contact the Library Director at 804-435-1729.


One of the most exciting ways to contribute to the Library is to purchase a ticket for the annual Lottery.  While these contributions are not tax-deductible, purchasing a lottery ticket allows you to support the Library and perhaps win a sizable cash prize!