Book Stack

Place a Hold Request
If you have a library card, you can place hold requests for titles in the collection. Hold requests can be placed from any of the Public Access Catalog (PAC) computers in the library, or from the library’s web page using any computer with Internet access.  

If the title you request is checked out, then you will be placed on the hold queue for that item.  If the title is available, then a staff member will retrieve the book and place it on the hold shelf for you.  You will receive a call from the library when your requested title is ready.  You have 3 days to pick up your request.  If you need more time, please let us know.

1.  Search for the title using our Search Catalog link.
2.  To the left of each title in the results, you will see a checkbox above the words “Hold Request”.  Click the checkbox next to the title you would like to request. Then click on “Hold Request”.
3.  In the box that appears, you may choose whether you would like a particular copy of the title or the first available copy.  Your request will be expedited if you choose the first available copy.
4.  In the same box, You must enter your 7 digit library card number and PIN.  Click on “Submit Request”.  If you do not know your PIN, please call the library at 804-435-1729.  
5.  You will see the following message:
     Your hold has been approved for : _____________
     The hold on this item will expire on xx-xxx-xx.
     Your home library will notify you when the item is ready for pickup.

Review Holds & Due Dates or Renew a book
Use the Patron Record Review feature to review your holds and due dates.  You can also cancel holds, renew items, change your PIN, and view saved searches. Click the “Patron Record Review” button on the Search Catalog page, and enter you library card number and PIN to access your account information.