The Lancaster Community Library is just what its name implies—a community library. Our small professional staff can’t manage alone. We rely on dozens of volunteers to staff the circulation desk, shelve books and other materials, and handle a host of other tasks that must be done to keep the Library open and functioning smoothly.

Why not consider volunteering? Volunteers get to know the community in a way few people do. You’ll make great friends with staff and other volunteers. And best of all, you’ll be surrounded by books! All you need is a few hours to devote to Library work, a pleasant manner and a willingness to help your neighbors check out a book, use the Library’s resources, or conduct research. We’ll teach you the rest.

Here are some of the jobs that volunteers do for us. For some we’ll ask that you commit to being available at certain hours or on certain days. Others may be done on a more flexible schedule.

Positions requiring availability on a regular schedule, usually weekly:
• Checking items in and out
• Shelving items
• Searching for lost or overdue items
• Filing registration cards
• Assisting patrons
• Staffing the Library booth at the Irvington Farmers Market (monthly, May through December)

 Positions that can be more flexible:
• Maintaining the shelves (reading and straightening)
• Assisting with publicity
• Helping with mailings
• Repairing books, audiobooks, or DVDs
• Maintaining annual scrapbooks of Library’s activities
• Shelf reading (assuring the collection is shelved properly)
• Collecting newspapers to take to recycling
• Helping with book store
• Helping with lottery sales
• Assisting with Special Programs for Children
If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer, contact Cyndi Herges or Michelle Blank at the circulation desk, or call them at 804-435-1729, ext. 12 and 13.