Be sure you meet the prerequisites for the class if any are listed and to register for the class. Some classes have limited resources. Classes are typically held Weds and Thurs from 11:30AM to 1PM. Class schedules will be posted here and at the front desk of the library. 

How to Register for a Class

To register you will need to fill out a registration form and pay the $10 registration fee for each class. The best way to register is to come by the library and register in person. This way you can view the class descriptions and dates. But it may be possible to register by calling the library and asking to be registered. However, you must pay the $10 fee before your registration is accepted. Please have the class name ready and the dates you will attend. 

Which Classes are You Registered to Attend

If you provide your email on your registration and your $10 fee is paid you will receive an email confirmation of the classes you are registered to attend once your registration is accepted. If you do not provide your email, or it is not legible, you must keep track of the classes you are registered to attend. You will not be called to verify your registration. It may be possible for you to call and verify your registration but you will need to talk to the instructor. The front desk will not be able to verify your registration. 

How to Cancel a Class and Receive a Refund

If you call and cancel your registration it may be possible for you to receive a refund of the class fee for the classes you withdraw from if you do so the week before the class is scheduled to start. A class must be cancelled by Friday of the preceding week. A no show forfeits the fee. There will be no refund in this case. But if the class was well attended you may be able to apply the fee to another class. You will need to speak with the Instructor to cancel a class. There must be a record of your payment such as a canceled check, a receipt, or other verifiable means. 

View/Print Class Descriptions