Be sure you meet the prerequisites for the class if any are listed and to register for the class. Some classes have limited resources. Classes are typically held Weds and Thurs from 11:30AM to 1PM. Class schedules will be posted at the front desk of the library with the signup sheets. 

How to Register for a Class

The class fee has been waived for classes unless otherwise stated. If there is a fee you will be asked to pay that fee in advance or have it with you when you arrive for the class. The best way to register is to come by the library and register in person. This way you can view the class descriptions and dates. But it may be possible to register by calling the library and asking to be registered. 

Which Classes are You Registered to Attend

You will not be called to verify your registration. It may be possible for you to call and verify your registration but you will need to talk to the instructor. The front desk will not be able to verify your registration. 

How to Cancel a Class 

It is not necessary to cancel your class if you cannot attend. But as a courtesy, please speak with the Instructor to cancel a class as soon as you know you cannot attend. 



All classes are 1-day classes. You may attend any or all classes. The registration fee has been waived for these classes. Please sign up as seats are limited for hands-on training. Devices will be provided when needed.



Class: Computer Basics Series

No Prerequisite. This class has multiple parts and requires you to register for each session you wish to attend. A beginner class for first-time users and those wanting to become familiar with computers. The student will learn how to power a computer on and off, about the keyboard and mouse, and receive an introduction to how computers work. In sessions 1 the student will learn what a computer can do. In session 2 the student will learn how to communicate with the computer. Session 3 will present the parts of a computer. Session 4 will introduce the student to Microsoft’s Office suite products Word and Excel. This class, or equivalent experience, is a prerequisite for all other computer based classes.

On Request

Session 1: What is a Computer

Session 2: The Operating System

Session 3: The Hardware

Session 4: The Software


EquiFax Data Breach Class

This class will help you determine if your data was comprimised, help you to sign up for credit protection and/or credit freeze, and inform you of the services that EquiFax is providing to help you insure you do not suffer from identity theft. 

On Request


eBooks and OverDrive

This class is designed to take you through obtaining the OverDrive app from the app store, connecting to the library's ebook library, borrowing a book, and using the OverDrive reader to read and manage the book.

On Request

Beginner's Windows 10

This class is designed to help you migrate from an earlier Microsoft operating system such as XP, VISTA, or Windows 7 to the newest OS, Windows 10. This is an introductory class that last about 1 hour with a 30 minute Q and A.

On Request


 Beginner's Microsoft Word

This class is designed to help the student learn the basics of Microsoft's word processing program Word. Microsoft Word is a very powerful word processing program so this class will not be able to cover the more advanced features. This class will focus on the latest release Word 2016 but many subjects covered will pertain to release 2013, 2010, and 2007. 

On Request



Beginner's Microsoft Excel

This class is designed to help the student learn the basics of Microsoft's spreadsheet program Excel. Excel is known for its numerical processing but it is also a very powerful tool when used on character data as well. This class will focus on the latest release Excel 2016 but many subjects covered will pertain to release 2013, 2010, and 2007.

On Request



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